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"You are one of the hardest-working recruiters I have ever worked with, you took the time to listen to my needs, learn about the available position, the industry, and our company. Thank you so much for your wonderful effort. Your placement was right on target, she came in here on day one knowing what was expected of her, what the job entailed, and without a break in business operations was able
to start in on a very demanding, high-profile project. I will certainly use you for future recuiting needs."

"I felt the interview tips and preparation you provided gave me the competitive edge over the other candidates."

"Stone Alliance Group went above and beyond by taking the time to work with me on preparing my resume, talking to me about the process, and working with me every step of the way. I always knew where I stood and knew what to expect. It was such a different experience, I have worked with other recruiters but never received the special attention that I did with Stone Alliance Group. Stone Alliance Group really worked with me to highlight my specialized abilities and help me secure the job that I've always dreamed of."

"I knew that Stone Alliance Group cared about me as a person and not just a resume as Stone Alliance Group was the only company who called me to let me know that I had inadvertently listed my social security number on my resume."

"Stone Alliance Group promised to provide me any feedback throughout the entire interview process. Stone Alliance Group kept their word. Unlike other companies who also promised me they would keep me updated but never did."

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