Monica Stone

Talent Acquisition (Chief Comedic Officer)

When I was barely old enough to carry on a conversation, I remember picking up my family’s rotary phone and talking to the dial tone. This happened often enough that my mother predicted I would become a telephone operator. After all these years, most days I sit at my desk with a boom mic headset, like a telephone operator or air traffic controller. The difference is now I am actually talking with clients, candidates and my team.

I started my recruiting career in 1996, after graduating from St. Lawrence University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. When my original plan of attending law school crashed and burned due to an underwhelming LSAT score, I accepted a position with a Legal Staffing & Recruiting Firm in Washington DC. A couple of years later, I moved on to work with a Finance/Accounting/IT Consulting Firm, as Director of Recruiting. In April, 2007 I decided to take a leap of faith and started Stone Alliance Group, as a single shingle. I deliberately chose the name Stone Alliance Group, as I knew I never wanted to do this alone. Our company represents a team of hard-working professionals who have decades of experience, unmatched loyalty, integrity and compassion who continue to push me professionally and personally. After all of these years, I genuinely love what we are able to do for our clients, our candidates and our community.

Fun facts : My husband & I adopted 2 dogs, Snowball & Rusty, in early 2020 and most days they can be found under my desk, keeping my feet warm. I love to laugh and make others laugh, sometimes at my expense.

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